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Tomato plant related queries

2 years ago
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I'm very glad to be part of this fantastic forum. I recently started into planting Vegetables with aim to produce some output against the efforts. I have been into planting different flowers & Holy Basils but somewhere I wanted to start producing vegetables or fruits. Somehow by grace of God our society permitted us to do so & I planted Tomatoes, Chilies & Brinjal.

Chilly & Brinjals are doing fine but with tomatoes I have some doubts which I want to clear.

First here's detailed info on setup-
Length- 3 feet, Width- 1 feet, Height- 2 feet cement pot
Around 23 kg of soil mixed with cow dung manure
3 Tomato saplings potted with distance of 10 inches in between
Added Dynamix Fertilizer after one month
Sunlight is approximately 5 hours, In morning between 8am to 10am, in afternoon 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Watering- On Monday I water it till it starts dripping from bottom of pot. Tuesday & Wednesday small amount of watering just for soil to remain moist. Thursday same as Monday & on Friday,Sat. & Sun. same as Tue. & Wed. Additionally on Tuesday, Friday & Sunday I spray water on leaves.
2 years ago
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thanks for your contribution
2 years ago
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my family love it a lot.