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    TanahMu Combo D

    Cabbage, Romaine Lettuce (Yau Mak), White Raddish (Lobak Putih), Huang Jing Pak Choy (Sawi Kerinting), Milky White (Milky Pak Choy), Iceberg Lettuce, Capsicum, Japanese Cucumber, Bok Choy, Spring Onion (Daun Bawang), Coriander (ketumbar)
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    Cabbage 1300g++

    Romaine Lettuce (Yau Mak) 500g++

    White Raddish (Lobak Putih) 700g++

    Huang Jing Pak Choy (Sawi Kerinting) 800g++

    Milky White (Milky Pak Choy) 500g++

    IcebergĀ Lettuce 400g++

    Capsicum 800g++

    JapaneseĀ Cucumber 700g++

    Bok Choy 600g++

    Spring Onion (Daun Bawang) 300g++

    Coriander (ketumbar) 300g++

    ** All fresh veggies are produced from Cameron Highlands.

    ** We reserve the right to change the above combination, due to stock availability.

    ** Actual weight for total package ~ 6.9kg, may differ +/- from the grams specified above.

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